Alright, I love this shit

It’s been a minute. 


After likely too many beers with senior Smith, and Dr. Drew following today’s absurdly beautiful, warm, sunny, and late December lyrca wrapped bicycle spin about, I have come to a crossroads of sorts.

Option 1, go about business as usual and do nothing. Therefor rendering this effort in resurrecting this so-called website useless and obviously dumbfounded.

Option 2, harness the lust of less than car-centric society, previously touted by me way back when FuckGas was a thing, and get some bike rides together.

I’m going with option two (2). We are going to ride bikes, enjoy one another’s company, and in the legendary words of the late, great, and marvelous Chuck Berry, have no particular place to go. Ride bikes for the joy of riding bikes, enjoying one another’s company, and not giving a shit bout what bike, what kit, or what pace we are doing all the above at. You love bikes, I love bikes, let’s love bikes together. 

Granted, being that winter completely fucking sucks, we ( I mean me) are essentially looking at March to get this one armed ass kicking contest in gear simply because I’m in the midst of taking on some bike shop ownership partnering tasks and let’s be honest, getting momentum for group rides is best done under the psyche of a new spring rather than the disheartening death trap that is winter. That said, stay tuned and before you know it, we will soon be back on track with bike rides, shenanigans, and what have you’s.