Recipe for disaster

Here I am, once again, mid-December, stressing out like so many others in the bike industry. As a domestic race mechanic, make that a seemingly sporadically employed race mechanic at the moment, I probably have less work than many right now and there are some days that drill it in more than others.

Being lucky enough to be surrounded by a small group of people that at least on the surface support my suicidal endeavors, but also others that send work my way when I am in town this time of year is a huge help. Whether it’s the humans in my life that don’t even ride bikes encouraging me to chase my dreams, or the cyclists asking me to¬†build wheels, pick up full suspension mountain bikes for complete overhauls, or even the simplest tune for a single speed commuter, they all brighten my day, and in turn mood, when things seem grim.

With all that in mind, I do this to myself, every year. Every year I find myself sitting on the floor, flipping through records, listening to sometimes forgotten sounds, audibly asking the walls “What the fuck are you doing?” I know exactly what I’m doing though. It’s not the best plan, it’s certainly not the most responsible one, especially as a father, and a partner, but it’s my plan, and by plan, it’s really just more of a path. This path drawn out on paper is simply just me threading the needle of poverty, somehow sustaining a home for my family, a relationship with the people I love, and working as much as possible without being nailed down so much as to have monotony set in.

Monotony however, can be a certain level of normality even when finding yourself in some of the most surreal situations if that makes any sense at all. That’s really why I do this and why I continually place myself in this position. It’s the world of the racing and that as a traveling mechanic that I’m not ready to walk away from. Even still, I must still acquire food, help provide some shelter, and especially at this time of year, keep the heat on. So with that in mind, I’m here to remind you there are still some fabulous t-shirts available, both old and new, as well as a couple cozy zipup hoodies ready for your snuggling pleasure. Black December specials are still in play so shirts are $15 and hoodies are $35 shipped where ever you like as long as it’s in the lower 48. Check the shop page for ordering!

I can honestly say these all make great holiday gifts as it’s exactly what my family all got last year, and it may well be this year too. Here’s hoping everyone has a fruitful winter.