The changes we am here to discuss are very unlike those so annoyingly sung by Ozzy on Black Sabbath Vol 4. True that song was released before I was born, but I have always hated it since the first time I heard it so long ago. I feel happy, I don’t feel sad, though it’s hard to say who would be the best friend I’ve ever had. We’re getting off track.

Here it is. I accepted a job at a local shop, Parkside Bikes. Being part of Team Teal as Ben likes to say, has me very excited. The meetings I had with both Ben and Jef (owners) were extremely encouraging. This because I feel we have a lot of the same goals. Add to that, the few days I’ve spent working at the shop have been great. It’s going to be an awesome summer working, riding, and hanging out here in Louisville.

That said, Ritual Device isn’t going anywhere. It will simply exist in a different atmosphere so to speak. There will still be apparel (more in the works), repair, wheel building, and race support. However, if you’re in Louisville I encourage you to visit me at Parkside. I will be available at both locations, Bardstown Road and Grinstead Drive until the NuLu shop opens on Market Street. Once that happens, I’ll update on my whereabouts. Keep in mind I will not be undercutting or taking business away from Parkside in any form. I am dedicated to working with them to improve and grow the repair side of their business. Hell, I’ll even sell you a bike, maybe a helmet. Looks like you could use some new kit, perhaps a water bottle?

So there it is. It would be great to see your stupid smiling faces rolling through the doors and working with me on this next chapter of bike repair. I know how this sounds, yes it’s really me, I’m trying on this upbeat positivity thing. Get off my back. Now where’s Spring?

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