Had a nice phone conversation with the cross boss yesterday and I’m getting excited for a long and full cross season. Some things are up in the air, as they usually are for a winter sport at the beginning of summer, but there’s plenty to look forward to.

As it is, I’ve enjoyed the hell out of myself being home for the summer in Louisville. Hanging with the lady and kids, working with a kick ass crew at Parkside Bikes, and riding my ass off. What I haven’t enjoyed is the constant lower back pain that has turned me into Shaquille O’neal’s biggest IcyHot fan in town. Though thanks to that same pain, I have returned to a regular, almost daily, yoga practice. It’s early, but I’m hoping by the time travel seasonĀ gets here I’ll be back to just dealing with my normal pain spots like hip, knees, and wrists.

In the mean time, I’ll be around town til September 1, give or take. Riding mountain bikes (hopefully my new Rocky Mountain Altitude if it ever shows up), hanging with the family, drinking beers, playing Jarts, and banging on tires with a hammer over at Parkside.