Ritual Device is a bicycle repair shop, born of service and a love of keeping my hands dirty. Always having an affection to fixing, I got my start seriously maintaining and repairing bicycles while racing in the 80’s and 90’s. Since then I have had the opportunity to work in a variety of community and traditional bike shops, coordinate countless bicycle events and rides, promote bicycle safety and infrastructure, as well as continually working as both a domestic and international race mechanic. Now days I’m much more laid back in my personal riding adventures, but over the years my passion for being a great bicycle mechanic has become a relentless undertaking in lifelong learning.

The mission of Ritual Device is to approach bicycle service as a scientific endeavor. All the while combining art, engineering, physics, history, chemistry, metallurgy, mathematics, aesthetics and especially our ideas about transportation. It’s easy to say, I sweat the small stuff. Every bicycle that is brought in for service is personal and unique. At the same time, each will receive a thorough safety inspection, shakedown, and test ride whether a flat repair is being performed or a full build from the ground up. Detailed and caring service is not something that should be considered a bonus, it’s the way the work should be done.

Simply put, my purpose here is to focus on impeccable service, provided to every person, for every bicycle, throughout our community.