Pardon my mild astonishment

I’m always amazed when first, I remember this website is on the internet, and second, it’s still in it’s original state and hasn’t been taken over by some Russian porn hacker. Though I suppose looking back, the Fuck Gas site was really just asking for it.

At any rate, while enjoying dinner with the lovely nomad this evening she posed the question “So, are you doing that race at the end of the month?” Apparently in my self centered idiotic ways I remembered to tell everyone I’d be gone for 8 days aside from the woman I live with every fucking day. I’m really not sure how in the hell she puts up with me, but I’m glad she does.

That said, I’m heading out to Portlandia to pack up the Point S Racing rig and hit ye ole’ Cascade Cycling Classic over in Bend. While I’m at it, The Friar posted up about an open house over at the Abbey compound with enough beer to drink til it’s gone, so here’s to getting all my work done early Tuesday and hanging with other mechanics while ogling bike tool stuffs. Now seems like as good a time as ever to finish up that whole travel box overhaul that I started a couple weeks ago then immediately set off to the side. Hey, cross season is like two months away. New tool additions, new pallet layouts, what better way to roll into a road race than with a tool box ill-prepared for cyclocross? Fuck it, it’s all bikes with wheels and handlebars. It’ll be fine. I like working on bikes, you like racing them, let’s do some bike stuff together!