Back to life

Your Holiday weekend is over. I don’t have a regular job at the moment, cyclocross season was slightly less fruitful than expected, so every day is a holiday right now. Black Friday has passed along with Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, and whatever the hell Sunday is called in the middle of all that. Yes it’s true, I can not only turn on a computer and hunt and peck my way through a paragraph, but also rear a calendar.

Now with the Thanks-taking weekend out of the way, so to does pass the wonderful savings that were found at all your favorite big box stores and small businesses alike. Not at the Ritual Device Retail Outlet however! Also known as the trunk of my car, prices will remain the same for the duration of this print run as it’s not like I’m really making money off this, it’s more about spreading the gospel than putting food on the table. The last of the weekend orders hit post today unless that order was a sweatshirt in which case those will go out as soon as they are done at Heritage.

Thanks for stopping by.