On the road again

I’ve got a couple shorter trips happening during January. Once back in Louisville, it will be the big push to get this business off the ground. At the moment I’m in Connecticut for the USA Cycling Cyclocross National Championships. Keegan designed a hell of a course, as I heard lot’s of riders complaining during the pre-ride yesterday, and that’s always a sign the course designer did their job well. It’s cold, it’s rainy, it’s muddy, it’s cyclocross.

Today, Tuesday, gets the week started with a non-championship race or two for the Portland Bicycle Studio crew. By the looks of things I should have plenty to do in the pits and after racing all week. I’m not going to lie and tell you I hate the dry dirt crit races like Dallas was, because the easy days are pretty awesome. This is cyclocross though and it’s supposed to be a mess. With the possibility of rain for the day mixed with the temperature hovering just above freezing, we should have a pretty sloppy day ahead of us, and week for that matter. Let’s just keep our fingers crossed and hope all the power washers at the venue keep working. Who knows, maybe I’ll even manage to take more than one picture of the venue today as well.