What a long, expensive trip it’s been

Home for a week with Derby City Cup / PanAm Championships this weekend and proper cyclocross weather has finally found us. It started on day 2 of HPCX in New Jersey and looks to extend through both days of racing here in Louisville.

One of the things I’m really enjoying about being home, aside from the obvious great company, is not doing dumb shit like having $6 fruit “plates” and $10 beers in airport after airport, or giant bags trail mix and red bull to fuel cross country driving. That said, it’s still hard to get back in to the regular swing of things with both diet and house routine with race work still to be done and another cross country drive looming early next week. Regardless, it’s good to be here.

All that aside, what this post is really about is an informational inspiration for you to have your bike fixed up by me in the coming weeks! I’ll be back from the west coast by what I would call mid November and moseying about Louisville through the beginning of January, as far as I can tell. Call it gone for a week to do cyclocross nationals in Reno, then I’ll be back for “good”. That is, until something else comes up and I hit the road again. You know how it goes.

Additionally, there looks to be a small run of shirts happening having been inspired by onlookers by my freebie Google Fiber shirt. “The internet won’t fix your bicycle” coming soon. Same easy prices as before $18 shipped, $15 local, and the same awesome quality from Heritage Print Shop as always.