Idle hands

As you may see, it turned out I did not in fact have the time to mess with the site in any way, what so ever. Be it from actually having shit to do, or just basic exhaustion, there wasn’t a lot of productivity when I was finished driving for the day or back at the house following a race day. However, these are very good things and I am always grateful for being busy and exhausted.


Through Portland, San Francisco, LA, Phoenix, Las Cruces, Austin, Dallas, Texarkana, Little Rock, Memphis, Nashville, and finally home, I got to see a few friends I don’t get enough of, while unfortunately still missing out on so many others as there is only so much time in the day. Still, I got to somewhat witness Jess Cutler take the women’s SSCXWC title, and then watch legendary Belgian, Steve Nice (easily one of my favorite heckles) get taken down by the flat barred Adam Craig in the men’s race.

The Dallas weekend went well and I have to say after the mud of Portland, I was happy to have a dry, even warmish, weekend to deal with. PBS had a pretty productive weekend and more than anything, I was stoked to be there as part of it, cheering them on, giving them shit, and getting to know everyone a bit more before we all meet up again at Nationals.

With that, I’m back in Louisville and available for service appointments through December 30. If you’re planning on hitting nationals, or any race for that matter, now is a great time to get that final check up and have everything dialed in before the big day.

From the railhead to the boatyard


Please excuse my mess. This site is in need of major renovations and I just started it a week ago. However, this past week has been an intense exercise in the lessons of running before you walk, and I couldn’t be happier with the way this has started. More bikes than I expected were handed over to me this week, and I am happy to say they have all found their way home repaired, tuned, and happy. I cannot thank everyone enough for supporting what I’m trying to do, and by what I’m trying to do, I mean pay rent, feed my kids, and drink a couple beers when I can. Regardless, thank you.

Now, as that giant page header reads, Ritual Device isn’t only geared toward local bicycle service, but also Professional Race Support. As such, I have to board a plane around 6am this morning and head out west. I’ll be working with Portland Bicycle Studio at SSCXWC this weekend and then on to Resolution Cup in Dallas next weekend. After that I’ll be home and available for local service from what should be December 14 – 28. After that I’ll be back on the road for CX Nats in Connecticut before driving the van back out to Portland and finally flying back home. Let’s call my return January 16 to be safe.

With this time on the road, I should have the chance to get this site properly assembled and looking like it’s something I actually give a damn about. See you soon!